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This is just a small sample of the many testimonials that we receive on a weekly basis about how Anodyne® Therapy Systems are truly changing people's lives and reducing their neuropathic symptoms. Make sure to also visit our News Page for more videos and articles on the internet about Anodyne® Therapy Systems.

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“Your Anodyne Therapy has been a blessing to me. After eighteen treatments, I am wearing regular shoes, and my pain has decreased dramatically. I have been wearing bedroom slippers for three years and now to wear normal shoes is wonderful. I walk with a cane rather than my walker. You can see why I am so excited!"
"I started with Anodyne Therapy 3 1/2 years ago. I have Neuropathy in both feet, hands and legs. I was the worst case that my local provider (edited for privacy) had ever seen, and the best results. I have a machine and use it every other day walking, touching, and feeling. Thank you for giving me back a large part of my life. I am 100% better because of your product and having the ability to move about like a normal person without pain. 4 years ago I was crawling and using a scooter to be mobile, and now I can do anything that anyone else can do, even wear flip flops. There are no stronger testimonials than living proof."
"I am wheelchair bound and watch my two toddler grandsons. I have diabetes and MS. I had incredible pain in my feet for a loooooong time. After just a few treatments, I have been down to a pain level of 1 or less!!!! No more crying and no more grumpy grandma."
"I wanted to tell you my story. Thank you for giving me the oppotunity to have been almost pain free for months. Last year my neurologist recommended Anodyne Therapy. I am 50 years old. I have peripheral neuropathy. I started treatment not expecting much. Honestly I thought how could this possibly make any difference. Thank you for proving me wrong! After the therapy, my quality of living has increased by leaps and bounds. My pain was reduced by a good 75% to 80%. I stopped taking ALL pain meds and sleeping pills, and I no longer woke up every evening with electric type pain in my feet. I was so excited with the dramatic results."
I have to tell you my story about how the Anodyne Home System has helped my neuropathy. I am a senior and I couldn't stand the bedcovers on my feet. I would cry at night because it hurt so much. I was walking with a cane and couldn't drive. I tried everything from pain medications to magnets, and still I couldn't sleep through the night. I had to stop using some of the medications because of the side-effects. Using Anodyne has been a miracle to me. The pain is gone and I am sleeping through the night again. I am no longer using a cane to walk and I have started driving again! I feel like I have my life back. Last month, I even went on a cruise! I feel so blessed to have found Anodyne Therapy, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has neuropathic pain that is affecting their quality of life."
"I am a physician and I realize this is not a cure, but because of my neuropathic pain relief, Anodyne has enabled me to go to the grocery store, out to eat and to my doctor’s appointment again. I feel very fortunate."
"If it weren't for your machine, I know I would be in a wheelchair. My neuropathy has improved so much! I would love to get hold of our local TV station here because I want people to know about this and that there is help out there. Thank you so much."
"I wanted to register with you the success I have had with the Anodyne program. It has been a safe, noninvasive therapy which has provided me with substantial relief and significantly improved the quality of my life. Prior to beginning Anodyne treatments, my feet experienced neuropathy - burning, shooting and stabbing. I could not walk without pain and had to go down stairs one at a time. My balance was declining and my sleep was disturbed. After several months of treatments, I still experience timgling, some numbness and occasional pinpricks of pain, but by and large, the situation is greatly improved."
"It has been amazing the difference I have felt in my feet and lower legs after receiving anodyne treatments. I had almost given up everfeeling my toes again. As I have felt sensation returning to my toes, it has felt so awesome! I can't find enough words."
"I have been HIV positive since 1998 and I’ve been lecturing on HIV/AIDS awareness in various schools and colleges about my own personal experiences living with HIV…In 2003 I went full blown AIDS and I developed Neuropathy from an HIV/AIDS medication. My mother informed me about Anodyne therapy and I found a clinic off your website; it was Active Care Rehab in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I started to use the Anodyne unit with wonderful results. I currently now have a home unit and I use it everyday and I love it; it has drasticallycalmed down my neuropathy in my legs and feet."
“I feel the daily use of the Anodyne therapy improves my balance considerably and makes my feet feel less numb. I am able to stand on one leg at a time 40 seconds now. I do low impact aerobics, like walk like I did before I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy.”
Audio Testimonials
Audio testimonials have been edited to remove confidential patient information.
"It is like unbelievable - I can walk again! " M.S. (Michigan, USA)
"It has done wonders for me." S.M. (Colorado, USA)
"I absolutley love it - I have put my cane aside!." S.J.. (Wisconsin, USA)
"I would highly recommend it to anyone who has neuropathy" J.W. (Pennsylvania, USA)
"I was in a wheelchair..and now I can WALK!" A.M. (Kansas USA)
"I just love it - it has done so much for my feet" L.O. (Tennessee, USA)
"It is wonderful and I dont have near the pain in my feet" S.B. (Texas, USA)
"I like the fact that I have one at home" C.R. (South Carolina, USA)
Written Testimonials
Written testimonials have been edited to remove confidential patient information.
Anodyne Therapy has been a life - saver for me. My pain was so terrible that I actually wanted to die to escape it, to be relieved...My Anodyne was the best purchase ever"
"The combination of Anodyne therapy and excercises prescibed by the PT folks has improved my balance - made standing and walking less uncomfortable - and has generally allowed me to go about my everyday activities with greater confidence and facility.
“...Nothing has worked until Anodyne treatments. I can walk, I can even run...The best thing is no more pain! It is gone! I have new feet! What a blessing!"
“For the first time in the last 30 years I have no pain, the machine is the first therapy that has worked, I finally stopped taking my meds and I feel like I am back in my 20's, you just don't know what it feels like to have NO PAIN! "
“I swear by my Anodyne...My pain is gone!"
"I am a physician and I realize this is not a cure, but because of my neuropathic pain relief, Anodyne has enabled me to go to the grocery store, out to eat and to my doctor’s appointment again. I feel very fortunate."
“I took 18 treatments. After 2 months, my leg still doesn't hurt. Any one with problems like mine should try this Anodyne machine!"
“I went through chemo and radiation and ended up with neuropathy. I was in so much pain I could barely walk...Anodyne therapy is amazing, before the therapy I had no life"
My husband James (last name edited for privacy) has suffered with diabetic neuropathy for over 20 years. His feet were cold and his pain almost crippling...After almost 2 years using the Anodyne Therapy, I can't imagine how we'd get along without it"