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Anodyne® Therapy in the News
Peripheral Neuropathy makes life difficult!

Neuropathy is most times very painful and can have profound effect on the quality of your life. Many people report neuropathy makes everyday activities such as going to the grocery store, socializing with friends, exercising or playing with children or grandchildren – painful and uncomfortable.

People who have severe neuropathy may become homebound – and as a result – often become isolated and depressed.

Online Videos
Numerous media outlets have published stories on Anodyne Therapy Systems - due to their effectiveness for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy. These news videos and articles can be viewed below.

Baptist Smart Medicine
Baptist Smart Medicine Clip 36d - Anodyne Therapy
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DATE: Sep 16, 2007 TIME: 2:49
Neuropathy Treatment at Mountaincrest Rehab
Mountaincrest Rehab provides Anodyne Therapy treatment for peripheral neuropathy.
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DATE: Oct 3, 2008 TIME: 10:40
Home Health Care in Alabama, Diabetes
Alacare Home Health & Hospice treats pain in patients with diabetes with a new treatment called Anodyne.
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DATE: Mar 4, 2008 TIME: 2:37
Bruce Winn 2
Patient who has Diabetic Neuropathy and has 90% Recovery with Anodyne Therapy. This is a testomonial of a patient of mine who recieved Anodyne Therapy for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy whiched caused pain and ulcers in his feet and legs. It is quite a success story so please share this with anyone you know who suffers from this terrible disease.
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DATE: Jan 26, 2010 TIME: 5:23
Dr. Carlos Rebelo and Mr. Jorge Valera taramiento show us this new healing diabetic foot with internal processing and treatment with Anodyne DIABUTA.
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DATE: Sep 12, 2009 TIME: 3:22