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Message from President, Anodyne Therapy LLC
Anodyne Therapy LLC is an industry leader in infrared light therapy products and drug free pain relieving technology, and our Anodyne® Therapy System was the first light therapy product cleared by the FDA (1994) and Health Canada (2005).

The effectiveness of the Anodyne® Therapy System is well documented on relief of neuropathic systems, as well as other conditions and based on 21 clinical studies that have been published in peer reviewed medical journals.

Anodyne® Therapy systems are specifically approved by Health Canada for treatment of neuropathic pain and sensory disturbances.

More than 40,000 customers rely on Anodyne® Therapy products for relief from neuropathic symptoms, as well as other types of acute and chronic pain – a tribute to the effectiveness of our technologies. These customers include the US Military, Veterans Administration Hospitals, professional and collegiate sports teams, doctors and the largest providers of outpatient and home based physical therapy in the United States.

Most importantly, our customers are also patients – who trusted Anodyne® Therapy to improve their quality of life that had been impaired by peripheral neuropathy and other types of pain. We receive so many unsolicited testimonials every month from patients just thanking us for the “gift of pain relief” that our product have provided them.

Anodyne Therapy® Systems are manufactured in our Tampa Florida facility. Here we uphold to the highest US and international quality standards, and are audited by and approved to ISO 13485 for the design, manufacture and servicing of medical equipment.

Anodyne Therapy LLC is a privately owned company, we are highly focused on the satisfaction of our customers. While individual patient response to any medical product differs, surveys consistently demonstrate that users of Anodyne® Therapy are highly satisfied with our products and customer support.

Craig Turtzo
President and CEO

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Ruth Harris, Operations
Ruth Harris has worked in the Alternative Health field for the past ten years in the areas of Operations and Sales. She has displayed superior communication and interpersonal skills while also developing the ability to recognize and resolve inefficiencies and miscommunications within the corporate structure. Ruth brings a background of years of experience in the contractual and accounting fields while serving as Chairpersons on various Associations in Canada.

Ruth has extensive experience in customer relations and excels in problem solving and maintaining high-value customer satisfaction. She has developed a sharp eye for how her customers can best be served by defining and implementing enhancements to corporate software programs in order to facilitate customer support and processing requirements.

As a result of years of strategic leadership experience, Ruth has been an integral component to lead our organization through the growth and change required as we build an industry!
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Mike Russell, Sales and Marketing
Mike Russell comes with over 35 years experience and brings a wealth of executive business development success in the health care and direct sales industries. He has a proven track record in building strategic relationships and progressive leadership while delivering exceptional sales growth. Mike began his direct sales career by earning and developing dealerships and has built one of the largest dealerships in the world while realizing over 1,100 sales in one month.

One of Mike’s most significant achievements is the implementation and building of an extensive network of Regional and Zone Managers for large international companies while developing regions including expansion into international markets. While facilitating a high rate of business expansion, his recruiting abilities propelled companies to realize expanded success while motivating high performance sales teams. With a focus on strategic solutions to further business goals, he has implemented marketing programs and incentives for building of networks based upon a referral strategy.

Mike’s creative ability along with superior customer relationships have allowed organizations to gain market share in challenging market conditions.
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Beeben Russell, Education
At the age of 18, Beeben Russell owned and operated his own company in the sales, distribution and marketing of LED light therapy and Lasers. Having built a successful distributorship with top sales and top rental awards, Beeben mentored new dealers on how to build a successful dealership. He developed and implemented a model “Showcase Dealership” in order to mentor new dealers on how to maintain an operational dealership, set up day-to-day management processes, showcased Seminar setups and processes and provided overall guidance on Developing and Building your Dealership.

Beeben mastered many applications of Energy Medicine and imparted that knowledge through weekly seminars to a large audience of healthcare workers and partners. His experience and training propelled him to excel in supplying real information, studies to back it up, and programs to implement best practices for healthcare.

Beeben has conducted education and training sessions of light therapy in hospital situations along with directly to Medical Professionals, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and other healthcare workers. Beeben freely offers his time and experience to educate and inform all interested parties in the benefits and effectiveness of light therapy.